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This strategy helped many veterans get fair compensation for their injuries, and you can be one of them!

Oleg helped me to review my records and increase my VA disability benefits by 30%.  After 4 times of trying, I didn't think it was possible to get through to VA.  Thanks Oleg!

Sawn Hill, Chicago, IL

I Love My Country, I Have Served My Country But Get Compensated For My Injuries By VA Can Be A Nightmare

My name is Oleg Chernenko and I am a Disabled War Veteran.  I served with 82nd Airborne Division from 1999 to 2005 and did one tour in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.  In December of 2004, on my 37th jump , I broke my right leg in 2 places and injured the left knee.  Upon my return, I struggled with anxiety, short-term memory loss, and mood swings. 

You don’t pay attention to the mental crap while you're in service because things are decided for you and your life is in a steady, routine pace.  As for the physical condition, it is simply not cool to whine about your aches and pains.  In 82nd, everyone had them. 

When I got out, everything changed . . . drastically.  No longer provided with allotments for housing and rations, I watched my life expenses skyrocket, my debt accumulate, and my mental pressure increase.  Though I landed a job in a small gutter-cleaning company, I only made $15/hour.  The house and car payments alone ate most of my salary, and I was forced to take on a roommate to live with my wife and I just to make the ends meet.   In therapy, Prozac was prescribed but my depression worsened to the point where I nearly divorced my wife.

In my first VA disability letter, I was awarded 30% disability for my right leg and knee injury and a WHOLE lot of 0%s for my other service-related conditions.  I called VA to ask what they meant by 0% and they invited me to reapply.  One year later, I was awarded 2 more 0%s on top of other 5 I already had.  This got me even more enraged with the system so I sought advice from DAV (Disabled American Veterans).  Their reply: VA rated you correctly and there is nothing we can do.  At that point I lost all faith in the system and in all the promises of being taken care off on the outside as a “Returning War Hero.”  Lip service is only good until you try to take it to the bank.

But YOU Don’t Have To Deal With It Like I Did!

Enraged, I started to look for a better way to get the VA disability benefits I deserved.  After 4 month of research I finally had a plan of action.  At the end of my search, I compiled a CHECK LIST of items that need to be done in order to increase VA disability rating.  

I picked up the phone and called VA to request another evaluation.  This time, I knew exactly what to do to get an accurate rating.  After this evaluation, VA awarded me an additional 30%!  When I showed them an error in their review, they increased my total benefits to 70%!  This time, I was in control of my evaluation!

The accurate disability rating was an extraordinary relief!  I got an extra $10K of tax free dollars a year!  It gave my family an opportunity to get a place of our own and my wife a newer car.  More importantly, it took a whole lot of pressure of my shoulders.

 From there, I compiled the findings into an easy to follow, step-by-step, instructional check list.  I worked with other veterans to implement this strategy and obtained consistent, positive results every single time!  Then, I realized that I could share this information with all veterans.

This strategy has been tested with many vets and helped them to increase their disability payments by 30% or more to put thousands of tax-free dollars in their pockets. Finally, they were able to pay for the car or motorcycle they always wanted, get a bigger place for their family, or get more Christmas presents for their kids—and you can have the same benefits! Over your lifetime, this information is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With this strategy in your hands, you will finally get VA to rate you fairly!

Just 20% Increase In VA Disability Rating = To ~$15,300 Over A 5 Year Period!

Can you say car loan paid off…?

Here is what you will receive when you give this simple strategy a try:

  • “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating.” This extensive research is based on regulations that VA employees use to determine your rating with ALL of my notes, comments, and instructions
  • The Exact Process VA Must Follow to Process Veteran's claims
  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step check list guaranteed to increase your disability rating
  • Real Insider Secrets to Getting Your VA Disability Rating Increase the first time
  • Facts and explanation of the mistakes veterans make when going through the process of disability evaluation
  • 200% GURANTY That this strategy will work for you providing you follow these simple instructions

Now, you are thinking that “this person is just trying to get a part of my disability check, after all, 30% is $4,740 or more a year.  He will probably want at least half of that money."  Well, here’s the reality:  One time, a veteran told me that I am a part of a very special brotherhood. It didn’t take long before I heard and smelled the war myself. This is when I realized that indeed, I was amongst my brothers and sisters in-arms. So, I am here to tell you that I AM DOING THIS TO HELP VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  You can have this information, worth over $5,000, delivered to you and start applying it today to increase your disability rating for just $269.95.

Look, for many people that are in same place as I was before applying this strategy even $269.95 is a LOT.  I totally understand that, but Can You Afford Not To Give Yourself An Increase Of $100, $300 Or Even $1,000 A Month?  What can you do with it?

One famous crazy looking guy, Albert Einstein, once said:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, do you want to call VA one more time without having the right information just to find yourself in the same place one year later? OR would you rather get what you deserve?  Doesn’t it make you angry that the same government that sent you to the front lines and promised to take care of you, now gives you the runaround?

GRAB THIS “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” by 10% - 60% with JUST ONE PHONE CALL To VA For Life! 

NOW ONLY $57.77!

You do realize however, that this “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” is your ticket to paying off that credit card or getting a bigger home!  

In fact, just by increasing your rating from 0% to 10%, you will have more than twice as much money in your pocket the very first month as you will have invested in this information!  According to the current Veterans’ Compensation Benefits Rate Tables (effective 12/1/13), the amount you get per month increases by $130 or more with each 10% increase in your disability rating.

Table of increase in VA disability rating

If you gulped when you saw the price and are now trying to catch your breath, YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!  I am not here to cheat you out of your money and I am not driven by profit.

 So, why am I asking for your investment?

 In addition to providing you with this information, I am working on a number of other research projects that will expand the capabilities and improve the lives of veterans just like you and me.  Plus, 15% of the money collected here will go directly to the following charities:

  • Homes for Our Troops
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  • Our Military Kids
  • Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
  • Support The Enlisted Project (STEP)
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America


1 Year 200% money back GUARANTEE

Now, about my promise . . .

If you follow this “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” and don’t get an increase of at least 10% in your VA benefits,

I will refund 200% of your investment . . . I am just that confident 

To date, all 100% of veterans that followed this strategy increased their VA compensation, so why not you???

I know that it can take months to get a reply from VA, so this guarantee is good for 1 FULL YEAR.  I am not here to take your money, I am here to help.  So, if I can’t help you, you shouldn’t have to pay!


  • You like living with roommates and/or your parents
  • You don’t want more money
  • You are trying to cheat the government
  • You are not a disabled veteran
  • Your disabilities are not service-connected (the injury did not happened in line of duty)

Let’s Pause For Some Straight, Blunt Talk.

Each single waking moment that passes while you attempt to cut through VA’s red tape without this “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” at your disposal, is a moment you work harder than necessary. Don’t try to recreate the wheel that is right in front of you. 

When you’re not bringing home as much as you can, it’s costing YOU.  Yes, you suffer the full effects of the opportunity lost!

  • What if your wife found out that you had an opportunity to bring more money home, but you spent $57 on 4 cases of beer instead? Would she be upset?
  • How much do you pay for gas? Could a 10% increase in your disability rating cover that expense for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather have FREE health coverage through VA?
  • Would you like a veteran’s preference on your federal job applications?
  • Are you tired of being pushed around and wasting your time figuring out what you need to provide to VA?
  • Are you looking for expert advice on winning your disability claim the first time?
  • Fed up with all the roadblocks stopping your VA claim?

My answer to these questions was yes, Yes, and YES again.  I spent hundreds of hours on research so you wouldn’t have to.  How much longer can you afford to settle for low disability payments?  - You can’t!  For just $269.95 $57.77 this “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” could be yours.  ACT NOW!

With a 200% guaranty, I cannot lose a penny because I have 12 month to put the “Proven Strategy To Increase Your VA Disability Rating” to test!  If I don’t get my disability rating increased, you will return 200% of my money back to me.  All I will have to do is provide proof that I applied for a disability increase and was denied the increase by VA.  No games.  No gimmicks.  No tricks.  I get double my money back if your strategy does not work for me.  On this totally risk-free basis, here is my order.

Oleg, my VA disability rating increased by 30%. Thank you!

Mike Rodriguez, Springfield, IL

I got 10% more. Thanks.

SGT Bill, Elk Grove Village, IL